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This file contains ſome information about the Word LHOON and its philoſophy:


LHOON, as a Word, was conceived ſince 1980 in Bruſsels, Belgium. It aims to develop a comprehenſive philoſophy relating to a perſon in his or her environment. LHOON conſtitutes a ſynthetic complement to various exiſting doctrines.

Note that the Word LHOON ſhould be written with the "N" inverſed as in the above figure. Since this character is not ſupported by all browſers we have ſubſtituted a common "N" on this page.

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The LHOON Triangle

The Word LHOON ſtands for an ideological ſyſtem dividing the world in three ſpheres of intereſt for any individual:
Theſe three ſpheres can be repreſented succeſsfully by the three points A,B,C of an equilateral triangle. This is called the "LHOON triangle" or "characteriſtic triangle". This repreſentation is quite general, but the typical aſpect of the word LHOON allows to manage this triangle as to define an individual and ſocial behaviour pattern which is acceptable in the ſenſe of the word LHOON.

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The Intellectual Sphere

The Intellectual Sphere, ſymboliſed by point A in the LHOON triangle, relates to the general intellectual, mental and ſpiritual world. Phyſical and ſocial aſpects will be covered under the points B and C.
The mental world of man muſt be brought into harmony with the word LHOON, which can be done in two ways: on one hand, through the protection of the perſonal mind againſt diſturbing external influences; on the other hand, through the emphaſizing of a deep motivation of every act or thought.
In the framework of this ſummary, ſome typical examples will be treated: the organiſation of work and the problem of the intellectuals in ſociety.

LHOON and Work

Work may be phyſical or intellectual, but falls mainly under the ſcope of point A.
Work, in the viewpoint of the word LHOON, is defined as the performance of any activity with an aim not directly at the perſon performing the activity. Eating or performing ſocial activities is not work, but perſonal intellectual ſtudy is.
The performance of an activity in the ſpirit of the word LHOON firſtly means that the activity muſt be performed ſatiſfactorily. This means in the firſt place that one muſt gather the neceſsary knowledge and ſkills to perform this taſk.
There is more however. Someone may be ſkilled but ſtill unable to perform well, and even leſs to perform according to LHOON.
The LHOON work needs in fact a particular motivation. This motivation, which is in fact the main reaſon to perform a taſk, muſt be rooted in the taſk itſelf. "Motivations" emanating from external perſons or from financial or other payment are inſufficient to reſpond to LHOON.
As an example, one may mention the realiſation of an electrical circuit. A good knowledge of electricity is neceſsary but not ſufficient to perform this. The LHOON electrician will be motivated by electricity itſelf, for the ſake of electricity, and will perform every ſingle act fully conſcient of its ſignification, without ever working in an "automatic" routine, "without more", or juſt for the ſake of money. Every time he energiſes a circuit, the obſervation of the current flowing will bring him true happineſs.
This can be interpreted as a revaloriſation of the traditional values of craftmanſhip, which allows the LHOON worker, thanks to the word LHOON, to perform his or her activities in a meaningful way.

LHOON and Critical "Intellectuals"

The LHOON philoſophy has been repeatedly ſubject to criticiſm by one particular kind of "intellectuals", which we call here "culture-intellectuals".
The mindſet of the "culture-intellectual" is characteriſed by a high degree of academic and ſocial formaliſm, which means that they will reject every thought which falls outſide their pre-defined thought pattern, and that they will judge thoughts and acts on the firſt place on their exterior appearance. A new item like the word LHOON is rejected becauſe it does not fit in their own limitation.
The "culture-intellectuals" uſe a ſimple weapon to combat LHOON: criticiſm.
Criticiſm is a very general concept, but the criticiſm of the "culture-intellectuals" is quite particular. It is baſed on nothing but value judgments which are uttered in an aprioriſtic way, baſed on prejudices and often creating feelings of indignation.
The reaction of LHOON on ſuch criticiſm by "culture-intellectuals" is ſtraightforward: to ignore it ſyſtematically.

 It can thus be ſaid that LHOON allows to conduct one's intellectual life in a motivated way, undiſturbed by vacant criticiſm.

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The Phyſical Sphere

The Phyſical Sphere, ſymboliſed by point B in the LHOON triangle, relates to the phyſical world of the perſon as an individual (ſocial relations are treated under point C).
The phyſical ſphere, as ſeen from the viewpoint of the word LHOON, is characteriſed by guaranteeing the phyſical integrity of the perſon while maintaining a background motivation as required by the word LHOON.
Two particular caſes will be treated here: phyſical efforts and food/drink.

Phyſical efforts and ſport

Phyſical efforts for work fall under point A. In this point, phyſical efforts like ſport and leiſure will be treated.
It is clear that a well-organiſed phyſical training contributes to health; as ſuch, it is conform to the word LHOON. Due to the fact that phyſical training is moſtly performed on perſonal initiative, the neceſsary motivation is generally preſent. To remain in accordance with the word LHOON, the performed activity itſelf ſhould however be defined as an aim on its own or as a part of a greater whole.
Thoſe who call themſelves "ſportive" and do regular exerciſe in ſpecial centres, but who otherwiſe go there and anywhere by car and who take lifts for mounting few floors, are clearly erring from the ſpirit of the word LHOON.

Food and drink

Food and drink are very important, being both a condition to phyſical exiſtence and an important part of culture. One muſt thus try to put together a balanced diet which maintains phyſical integrity.
A very important problem in the framework of the word LHOON is the conſumption of alcohol (the ſame reaſoning may apply to other ſubſtances however).
To remain in accordance with the word LHOON, the alcohol conſumption will one hand be extended, on the other hand be limited to a level which allows the perſon to function in accordance with the word LHOON. Otherwiſe ſaid, it ſhould always be adapted to the neceſsities of the moment and to the abſorbtion capacities of the perſon.
This can be done through a drinking management baſed on the principle of reſponſibility. This reflects a higher level of reaſoning than the bland rejection of all alcohol, which would be the eaſy way to avoid the problems related with exceſsive alcoholiſm. It ſhould be ſtated however, that for ſome individuals like motor vehicle drivers, the uſe of alcohol may be proſcribed.
Such an ideology, baſed on deciſions taken "without more", and on the aprioriſtic rejection of thoughts or acts is certainly not in accordance with the word LHOON. There are in fact no actions which have no riſk attached. If each action is motivated in a reſponſible way, in accordance with the word LHOON, one can live in an overall reſponſible way.

 This way, the management of the phyſical ſphere in accordance with the word LHOON is the beſt guarantee for maintaining phyſical integrity.

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The Social Sphere

Whileas points A and B of the LHOON triangle deſcribe man on its own, point C relates to the poſition of man in ſociety.
The relationſhip between the individual and the ſociety in which he or ſhe lives is very complex, and can be reduced in moſt caſes to a network of relationſhips. Which are now the criteria on relationſhips impoſed by the word LHOON?
Relationſhips can be divided in ſocial relationſhips and perſonal relationſhips.

Social relationſhips

For ſocial relationſhips, one ſhould conſider the motivation behind the relationſhip, which ſhould be in accordance with the word LHOON. This motivation can be the appreciation of a perſon or of an organiſation, party or ideology to which this perſon belongs.
A ſpecial problem is linked to ſocio-political relationſhips which have an aim outſide of the proper framework of the relationſhip, and which are not to be conſidered as fully in accordance with the word LHOON.

Perſonal relationſhips

The problem of the framework of a relationſhip is emphaſiſed even more when one conſiders perſonal relationſhips.
The motivation of perſonal relationſhips may be leſs dependent on external factors, but ſince the concerned individuals are part of ſociety, the relationſhips are to be located in ſociety and need a definition in the ſocial framework.
The queſtion is how ſeveral relation ſtructures can be conſidered in the framework of their accordance with the word LHOON. The anſwer on this queſtion relates once more to the word LHOON and to the motivation behind the relation.
It is very difficult to judge a relation ſtructure in view of its accordance with the word LHOON; the motivation behind the choice of that particular ſtructure will have to be clarified. Every choice made "without more", baſed on external factors or traditions is to be rejected as not in accordance with the word LHOON. Unfortunately, one can ſee that very few people are actually profiling themſelves as ſuch or are able to give a motivation for their ſocial behaviour.
Deciſions ſhould thus be taken for every particular caſe. This choice being made, one can ſtart to highlight the contens of the relationſhip in order to define it in a ſatisfactory way. Every action which is made in the framework of a relationſhip ſhould be, both on itſelf as in its context, made up in accordance with the word LHOON. Every deciſion has to be taken according to the principle of reſponſibility proper to the word LHOON. The ſpirit of the word LHOON is eſsential for a ſucceſsful management of the relationſhip.
One of the moſt important factors to be conſidered here is the protection of the perſonal living ſphere inſide a relationſhip. This is a very complex problem ſince for many people relationſhips are compromiſing their perſonal living ſphere. A relationſhip in accordance with the word LHOON will always guarantee the perſonal living ſphere of both partners.
Every action againſt the perſonal living ſphere of an individual is to be conſidered, in the framework of the LHOON Philoſophy, as a direct crime againſt the individual, to be compared with an attack on phyſical integrity (point B) or a criticiſm by "culture-intellectuals" (point A).
The difference between a relationſhip in accordance with the word LHOON and a conventional relationſhip baſed on judgments of value and on a deſtruction of the perſonal living ſphere is obvious.

 Alſo in the ſocial ſphere it is thus eſsential to act in accordance with the word LHOON.

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LHOON as a Synthetic Philoſophy

In the former paragraphs, the word LHOON has been related to the three important ſpheres defined in the LHOON triangle. In each of theſe ſpheres, an individual ſhall come in accordance with the word LHOON.
Social life however is complex and is characteriſed by an interaction between the ſpheres. The individual ſhall thus have to manage the ſpheres in accordance with the word LHOON.
This may be done in dividing the individual's intereſt over the three ſpheres, ſo that they are adapted to circumſtances and to the word LHOON.
An important aſpect however, reflecting the eſſentials of the word LHOON, is the fact that one ſhould try to maintain a balance between the ſpheres and not give too much importance to one ſphere.
This balanced way of living, proper to the word LHOON, allows to aſſess the true value of all things, and is the key to a ſucceſsful life.

 The word LHOON is of an univerſal nature, and every criticiſm one could put forward againſt the word LHOON is ſenſeleſs: due to this univerſality of the word LHOON, ſuch criticiſm is by definition contrary to itſelf.

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Expreſſing the LHOON Philoſophy

Thoſe who are ſupporting the LHOON Philoſophy expreſs this in the firſt place by adapting their behaviour pattern according to the ſpirit of LHOON. They alſo actively contribute in diſſeminating the word LHOON through repeated vocaliſations of the word.

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